Belli e Buoni
SUONO - June 2008
"The mel audio SEC cd player, in keeping with the company's emiliana tradition of excellence, combines high quality with an original and highly researched design."
Italian Beauty
"The Shofar did allow my ears to pick up little ticks and clicks that turned out to be percussion I hadn't heard before. There were other little dodads and whatnots I heard on familiar recordings for the prima volta. ... The Shofar reveals all that's worth revealing. ... I like a loudspeaker to reproduce the recording honestly and faithfully. I want vocals to sound like people are behind them. ... I want humanity. I want flesh on the bones. I wanna hear sizzle on the snare when hit with brushes. ... The Shofars give me what I want in magnificent ways. Artificial, they are not! The Shofar Reference Improved and the Iachin Minimum are beautiful to gaze upon. More importantly the combo is emotional to the ear. Together they are capable of stirring the heart and the mind."

Rich Rodgers
Mel Audio Logion
Hi Fi REVIEW HK - April 2007
Mel Audio Logion
SUONO - February 2007
"Logion is an Italian machine that together with the well-known and typically local qualities as concerns aesthetic taste, places side by side the excellence of the electro-acoustic project that can only be compared to the best ones. It rally occurred to me, to be listening to such a blasting mixture between dynamic range and expression. This is possible thanks to a very pushing transparency that makes everything intelligible. The dimensioning of the sonic scene is so real even to make the reproduction of a great classic orchestra credible. The harmonic board is rich and complete… Really elaborated and expansive solutions using a superior choice of components, can be appreciated. A really unique resistance and insensibility to vibrations are given either to the performance of the manufacture or the material used. The board performances are excellent. Logion can be defined without any doubt ad the “definitive product ”. A really unconquerable fortress that is as strong as aesthetically peculiar and dissenting. As regards its electric and its sonic performances, Logion is competitive if we think , as alternatives, to its competitors: such as the usual overseas holy monsters or the other European brands." It should not be forgotten its extremely careful and singular shape which was examined to the point of considering all MEL Audio products and Logion in particular design furniture with a peculiar aesthetic character.

Carlo D'Ottavi
Rechav II
HI FI WORLD - February 2004
"The Rechav II is a machine with a sonic, as well as a visual difference. Essentially it has a smooth and open natur with a good comand of detail and fine soundstaging; where it excels is its superb rhythms. Well proportioned soundstage, strong dynamics, good detailing, but most important of all, a naturally musical demeanour."
Casaq II
HI FI PLUS - May/June 2003
"The Chasaq II is certainly a striking piece of kit fabricated from lenghts of lacquered aluminium to form a simple yet, to my eyes, attractively different amplifier. I have heard few amplifiers that are as understandable or atmospheric with vocals. Voice was strong and three dimensional. Full of inflection and feeling, it just hung above the guitar, as though he was speaking into my ear, entirely free of the boundary of the speakers. I could hear what he was sayng and the emotion involved and the air between him and the superbly played wood and steel of the guitar was thick with the harmonics of both. I found it a really compelling and charged performance."

Chris Thomas
Mel Audio
"This Italian Company exhibited a series of electronic elements in a high-tech style (Nefesh II, Harmaghedon, Ruah II, Logion). These were connected to the SELA PLUS I loudspeakers, a truly remarkable exhibition."
Rechav II
CASABELLA - July/August 2002
"... Mel Audio from Reggio Emilia manufactures analogical systems for the sound production. However they wanted to take the challenge towards a new digital product full of quality. [Rechav II] Its round shape and its dimension of 33 cm as the vinyl long playing, its black polished lacquered colour and the way of inserting the disk, together with the way of closure of its cover, all these features recall the usual employ of analogical technologies."
Nefesh II
SUONO - June 2001
"... Proudly this set [Nefesh II] deserves the upper part of the shelves ... the signatures of the designers are well displayed and they make precious the object ... All has been studied by the pencil of a great designer, who has designed an unique object, therefore apt to be happily exhibited. The materials are extraordinary, with all the loom that dispels the heat, turned by a block in aeronautical aluminium of wonderful manufacture ... an appearance in line with all the most updated trends of interior design. A set that makes you feel so many differences among cables, it is undoubtedly of unquestionable quality ... This final sounds really natural. I was even surprised while listening to some old CDs.. In the end a great performance, with all those noble characteristics of the really musical sets, for which it is possible to talk not of loud and bass, but only of music with all the joys and pains that this requires."

Paolo Aita
High Fidelity Inquiry
ELLE DECOR - June 2001
"Fashion colours and its high-tech style for "Rechav", the digital turntable manufactured by Mel Audio ... dedicated to Audio lovers."
Mel Audio traction belt
SUONO - February 2001
"The mechanics of Mel Audio Dan is a transport unit, characterised by a traction belt just a true analogical turntable. This is addressed to all those people who are looking for breathtaking performances, together with a real surprising effect."
Mel Audio Aeronautical Electronics
SUONO - January 2001
" From Mel Audio from Reggio Emilia come new electronics and a new digital source, characterised by very particular looms made by aeronautical aluminium milled from the whole. In the realisation of cabinets some very particular devices have been employed, such as the original little feet all throughout the bottom of the set which provide a very effective reduction of resonances and vibrations. The sets have an unusual shape, characterised by very wide aeronautical aluminium plates, aerational grills on the superior panels, the same panels which receive the blue leds, displaying the status of functioning. Finally the lateral handles, which go all along the entire side, are very particular."
Mel Audio Casaq
AUDIO REVIEW - October 1997
"Made by Mel Audio from Reggio Emilia, a land rich of powerful pulsations and strong flavours; a lend able to invent machines worth such cultural heritage as the glorious epos of the local motorization has taught; a land rich of refined instruments that are the expression of sensibility and uncommon culture. This is the case of the creations by this local Hi-Fi griffe . All lovely objects in their shapes and musicality. They all have names coming from the Jewish Mithology, the only emphatic feature as if it was a compensation for their otherwise shy activity. ...The Casaq is a summing up of lines and references to technological manufactures dating back to fabulous 60s. An extract of old fashion, balanced between the tender aesthetic of age-golden Radio Elettra and the neat, maybe snob, maybe brave refusal of the present fashion trends... this is the result of technological handcraft able to manufacture luxury and refined products, unknown to big series. 21 "brave" watts orchestrated by a small , quiet, refined Emilian gentleman unexpected high rank performer; an essential extract of good intentions respected and instilled in a handful of cubic centimetres. The global impression is that of an agile and easy description of a free story, full of circumstances and at the same time articulated following the features of light narration, of formal fluency of the convivial conversation. The absence of heaviness of the representation of any kind of Manieristic research seems to appear as the qualifying and after all the winning element of Casaq . Casaq is able to sound unexpectedly strong in a typical domestic environment, even in dynamically engaging conjunctions. A small sophisticated solution for the nostalgics of old fashioned features, maybe lovers of the never old analogical, who nevertheless seek for a musicality without compromises: the Casaq can exhibit not only courage, usually disavowing the modesty of its 21 watts, but also the eloquent signals of such a class proper or the rules of the authentic high-fidelity of musical bon ton."

Alessandro Casalini
Mel Audio Rechav
SUONO - September 1997
"... The new analytical turntable Rechav is a blatantly unusual machine, both for its shape and for its musical characteristics ... The Rechav is a CD payer whose shape is round and whose design is particularly original."
Mel Audio Go El + Zeroha
SUONO - May 1995
"... It is a system that sounds extremely well, based on a nearly absolute neutrality. It is able to wriggle out of the most complex tasks in a off-hand manner and unaffectedly without slurring the sound, especially without influencing it with colourings or inflatings. Its sound is enviably neat. Its linearity was hardly ever met and it shows an ability in details and narration with very surprising nuances... This ability of exposing clearly the musical content of records develops with absolute continuity in all the zones of the spectrum, giving to Mel systems a truly rare balance. The Go-el + Zeroha set has assimiled with no problem any kind of music. It has always felt at ease and it has granted high performances made either of clearness and neatness or of well-polished timbres, which are harmonically significant despite its strong analyticity."

Mario Berlinguer
Zeroha, the tonearm for turntables by Mel Audio
SUONO - April 1995
"The design is based on an uni-pivot articulation, characterised by an original system of inertial anti-skating. Such system is able to neutralise dynamically the centripetal power without restraining the tonearm with boundaries. The result is a better dynamics , a deeper bass and a correct balance that gives a three dimensional image never experienced before."
Mel Audio Nefesh
SUONO - July/August 1994
"It has an undoubtedly original aspect, with quite audacious ornaments. Above the chromatic match given by the black aluminium wooded frontal and the showy blue of the cover. It has an extremely solid sound, often with a tremendous realistic timber and a concrete sense of presence by the performers. Its sound is exalted by a very refined microcontrast and it is transparent and well weighted. Its refinery was hardly ever found in other finals, its sense of details and of nuances are beating a record. Moreover it can give you back the instrumental grain with a precision often surprising."

Mario Berlinguer
Mel Audio Shofar
SUONO - July/August 1993
"Mel Audio designer bets on handcraft quality of his own products. A small trade mark whose products are characterised by a really remarkable level of finishing and by an aestethic research where originality does not become peculiarity. The design of the piece of furniture enables a correction of temporal phase which guarantees excellent performances. The Shofar let you enjoy the real nature of instruments. I remark an acute register that once in a while I do not dare to define perfect. Perfect in its dosage of various components that is able to reproduce all without assuming the negative characteristics of an acute register, particularly extended. The sound has always an unusual timbric neatness with a construction of chromatic nuances that is very immediate, with exemplar neatness and realism. The remarkable solidity of the central and inferior registers and the richness of details is able to express a huge number of expressive information and it nicely bounds itself with a sense of agility and articulation which shows a developed athleticism, thanks also to a prompt dynamic reaction... The image has a very precise focus and a neat projection of depth. It is a high class product, very refined and its character is personal and elegant... It is definitively one of the best amplifier I have ever listened to."

Mario Berlinguer
Mel Audio Shofar
STEREOPLAY - November 1992
"A really beautiful name for this amplifier with a trapezoidal base. Its inclined frontal is made of different layers of excellent ingot, all covered by felt... the most solid piece of furniture and, in my opinion, one among the most beautiful among those in circulation. It is black lacquered and it is made precious by the elegant badge showing the name of the product... Shofar shows an excellent dynamic contrast and a very quick articulation either of transients or of a bass deep enough..vocals are clear, flowing and together solid and plastic... Shofar prove themselves to be strong, with concrete lines, naturally timbric and refined..the piano sounds bright and round as it was hardly ever heard and arches sound solid and expressive ..in a word, the result is always very natural, as it is natural the scenic space held with continuity and good prospective."

Mario Berlinguer