The mind behind Mel Audio is Enrico Lusuardi, a professional musician with a background in electrical engineering. He succeeded in fulfilling a lifelong desire: capturing the heart and soul of the music he plaid on stage and in the recording studio and to recreate the same audio experience at home. Endless hours were dedicated to the design of each link in the stereo system. The result was a stunningly complete high end audio.

"I was a professional guitar player until 1978 and in the mid 80's I started to design high end audio components, because I cannot think of a life without the joy that music can bring. Listening to good music as well as surrounding myself with unique objects are pleasures I would not consider to live without. The products I design are able to surprise for their essential shapes, their functionality and their high performance. I like to think that they are able to create and communicate emotions, as I believe that only an object that can give sensations, is a very special object that deserves to be kept forever."

Enrico Lusuardi