Technical Data

Base: Antiresonance crystal
System: Counter frame disposed on three preset springs
Platter: Metacrylate (13 kg)
Pivot: In special stainless steel with the barycentre shifted in the superior side leaning on three mm sphere
Traction: By elastomer and counterpulley on bearings
Engine: Synchronous motor
Speed: 33-45 rpm selectionable by moving the belt
Finishings: Crystal and natural steel
Base dimensions: H: 12 cm (4 1/2") W: 62 cm (24") D: 38,5 cm (14 1/2")
Platter dimensions: H: 4 cm (1 3/5") W: 30,5 cm (12")
Counterplatter dimensions: H: 2 cm (4/5") W: 30 cm (11 4/5")
Overall weight: 35 kg (77 lbs)
Features: Engine support, Arm support, Counterpulley support, Made in steel and lead totally independent