Mel Audio Design Group srl was founded in 2001 with the aim of promoting the Mel Audio brand that has been present on the Italian market for almost 20 years.

Mel Audio offers a complete range of high end audio products: CD players, integrated amplifiers, preamplifiers, amplifiers, converters, loudspeakers, turntables and tone arms. The range is completed by power cables, interconnection cables and conditioners.

Sound quality reaches excellent levels only if all the components of an audio equipment are made by following the same philosophy: enable the listener to feel like being at a concert, to have the same emotions. The listenter should not realise the presence of the Hi-Fi set which is sending forth the sound, the latter should not be coloured or edulcorated, but it should be transmitted without interference.

Mel Audio has been providing Italians with high end audio systems designed by Enrico Lusuardi since 1987. Word has spread and people from all over the world who simply demanded the finest began contacting us and since 2001 we are offering our products to an international market.

Mel Audio is committed to building up a special relationship with its clients. We offer professional pre and post sales service, warranty programmes for used appliances and maintenance programmes, because a Mel Audio product lasts long and the pleasure of owning one has to be constantly renewed.

Italian quality
Audio equipments from Mel Audio are handmade by Italian craftsmen using top quality materials. All parts are carefully chosen, from the aeronautical aluminium housing to the internal electronics. The special parts that cant be found at any supplier are especially handmade. Mel Audio focuses on every single detail: material, components, design and working procedures. Only this way a high quality end-product and therefore the perfect sound experience can be granted.

Tailor made
Mel audio offers the possibility to tailor made products adapting them to the needs and tastes of each customer. A client can chose the finishing of the product and even ask for tailor made components.

The art of sound
Mel Audio audio sets fit into any ambience, contributing to decorating the room they are placed in. By harmonising with the other pieces of furniture and objects of any kind they enrich the life of the people owning them. The same way people enjoy arts, vintage wines and old-timers, they deserve a musical "objet d'art" they will want to own forever.

The production
Mel Audio is a "workshop" specialised in the production of prestigious high end audio appliances that are characterised by a refined and exclusive design reflecting the traditional Italian craftsmanship.

Each step of the production follows a rigid quality control program: the choice of the materials and components, the selection of the best supplier; every step of the assembly and the final finishing are carried out following thorough internal standards. Each finished product is tested in our hearing rooms. Only through this procedure it is possible to reach the excellence we aim at.

Mel Audio gives great importance to its co-operation with musicians and people working in the music business that give a precious contribution at the beginning of a new project, the realisation of prototypes and the final test phase.

The engineering and creation of prototypes are all carried out in-house. The production of the cabinets in aeronautical aluminium for the amplifiers and the Horama speakers and the wooden cabinets for the remaining speakers is outsourced to suppliers with proven experience. Each delivered component undergoes a quality control before being assembled by highly specialised employees. Also the following steps of finishing; sand-blasting, shot peening, polishing, anodization or varnishing are carried out by hand. After being assembled each product undergoes tests and controls in compliance with the CEI EN 60065 norms.

Quality materials
In order to obtain state of the art sound and create unique and exclusive objects, we choose extraordinary and unusual materials for the audio sector, as for example Ergal. Ergal is a special aluminium usually used in the aerospace industry and is characterised by a low specific weight typical for aluminium but is resistant, hard, flexible and unmagnetic as steel.

The production procedure consists in hollowing out a 25mm thick block of Ergal in computerised laboratories with laser controlled tolerance tests. The parts are then polished and sand-blasted to create a matt/shiny effect which is resistant through time thanks to an additional step of anodization.